'The Playboy Club' Canceled, Eddie Cibrian Lands in Hospital

It has not been the best week for Eddie Cibrian. The 38-year-old Cuban American actor was reportedly injured yesterday while on the set of his show The Playboy Club when he suffered a deep gash in his right heel after getting caught under a 200-lb. steel door. The actor was taken to Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital just to find out that The Playboy Club was canceled by NBC on the very same day.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new show experienced underwhelming ratings during its premiere two weeks ago and the second episode lost 19 percent of it's viewwership with only 3.8 million people tuning in.

Since the start, The Playboy Club was mired in controversy with some groups accusing it of degrading women. The Parents Television Council (PTC) group called for a boycott of the show. “What has been clear to everyone outside of NBC must now be clear even to those inside NBC," Tim Winter, head of the PTC declared. "The Playboy Club is a commercial disaster and must be removed from the airwaves. We call for the network to cancel this degrading and sexualizing program immediately.”

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People is reporting that NBC will continue to film The Playboy Club, to reportedly sell it to another network.