Pedro Almodovar's "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" to become English-Language TV Show

Filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar’s comedy Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, featuring a very youthful Antonio Banderas is coming to America. Fox Studios is developing an hour-long English-language series based on the film about two days in the life of a voice-over actress abandoned by her lover (Banderas). The woman finds herself in hilariously troubling situations as she frantically searches to find her man.
Hot Flashes blogger and Almodóvar fan, Mimi Schmir is set to write the show in which the Spanish director is said to be deeply involved in its production. The American version will be set in the suburbs.

Sound a little too much like Wisteria Lane? Well, this group of women are college friends in a collective mid-life crisis and though dealing with drama, much of it will be handled through humor. Schmir says she wants to pay homage to the film and keep key elements in the storyline, like the ongoing story of poor unsuspecting visitors who show up to the forlorn actress’s home and pass out after ingesting her sleeping-pill spiked gazpacho meant for her MIA love. Time to adjust the Netflix queue and catch up before the series airs. Almodóvar buffs, what do you think?