Paulina Rubio's 5 Best Moments on 'X Factor'...So Far!

Have you been watching The X Factor USA? We love seeing Paulina Rubio as one of the judges! The 42-year-old singer, who says she looks forward to finding the next rock star, has been doing an amazing job with this latest gig. Check out 5 of Paulina's best moments on the far:

1. Paulina Rubio X Factor Moments: Judge Profile

It was so funny to hear Paulina Rubio teaching one of the contestants how to pronounce her name. "Paulina, pow pow," she said. Watch the moment below:

2. Paulina Rubio X Factor Moments: Jorge Pena

If you're an X Factor fan, we're sure you caught Jorge Pena aka Latin Ice Cream Man's audition. It was Jorge vs. The Ladies on this one, and Paulina really put him in his place. Watch:

3. Paulina Rubio X Factor Moments: Lillie McCloud

When X Factor contestant Lillie McCloud took the stage, Paulina's reaction to her age reveal was classic Pau. We loved every minute of the Mexicana's judging moments during this audition! Watch below:

4. Paulina Rubio X Factor Moments: Pitchy

One of our favorite Paulina moments on X Factor is listening to her explain "pitchy." Tan comica! Watch the video below:

5. Paulina Rubio X Factor Moments: Simone Torres

Anyone who ever had doubts that Paulina would be one of the sweetest and supportive judges on X Factor, certainly had their minds changed following contestant Simone Torres' audition. Watch this moment below: