EXCLUSIVE: Paola Núñez Discusses Transitioning From Telenovelas to AMC's 'The Son'


Mexican actress Paola Núñez is making her American television debut on AMC’s upcoming television series, The Son. The multi-talented actress, who has starred in telenovelas like Amor En Custodia and Reina de corazones, will be playing the role of María García, a Latina living in South Texas who feels a moral obligation to combat the violence in the region.

We caught up with Núñez to talk about her character, her experience transitioning from Mexican television to Hollywood, and more.

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Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

What went through your mind when you got the call that you landed the role of María Garcia?

Well, I was with my mom. She came to stay with me for two weeks because I was going crazy. I was super stressed because I was going through a series of studio test for the role and network testing. I was super, super stressed. My mom said, “You know what hun, I’m going to go. I’m going to visit.” So, she came. She was with me. She was making me feel better. I was just waiting for the call. I was trying not to get my hopes up, but at the end of the day I was just wishing with all my heart and praying. We prayed a lot. My mom was praying. I was praying. I really wanted this role. I tested for a bunch of other roles but this was so important for me. This was special for me. I really wanted to do María because it had to do with my heritage. It had to do with me being Mexican. For me this being my first show in English and also having to do with my history, meant everything. I really, really wanted it. So, when I got the call my mom was staring at me. My agents know they shouldn’t call me at night if they have bad news or good news. Actually if they have any news, they shouldn’t call me at night because I won’t sleep. Even if it is good news, I get excited and I don’t sleep because my head and my mind goes crazy. They called me and I was like, “Why are they calling me? They know they don’t call me!” I still answered and my agent said, “Paola, pack your bags you’re going to Austin, Texas.” I screamed and I cried and I hugged my mom and we both cried. My agents were crying. We were all just so excited it was the best day!

Can you tell us a little bit about your character María?

Well, María is part of the García family. She is part of the Mexican aristocracies. She is part of a really rich family of Tejanos. The Tejanos, were the Mexicans who were part-Spanish and part-Mexican. They lived in Texas after the Mexican war. There was this treaty — that’s when Mexico lost half of its territory. It lost New Mexico and Texas and Arizona and California. So the Tejanos who stayed on the north part of the Río Bravo, which was the new border, were the first Mexican-Americans. María is part of the few first Mexican-American families. She is a really smart, intelligent, cool girl. She is ahead of her time and that’s why I identify a lot with her. Even though I was doing a period piece, I always thought of Maria as a contemporary girl. I could identify with her because she wanted to study. She wasn’t conformed with the life that she had, she wanted more. She went to New York, even though her parents didn’t want her to go. She studied. She got into the whole bohemian lifestyle in the 1920’s. She was so out there. She loves to paint and to hear music. She was different. She wanted more. She didn’t want to be just a wife and have kids. She wanted so much more. Then she comes back to Texas because her husband died. So, she comes back to Texas she encounters something that she thinks is really scary, which is the McCullough family and her family are having troubles. This relationship has always been sketchy but now it’s even worse. 

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