Padre Alberto Shows Off Baby Girl Camila

Padre Alberto Cutié presented his baby daughter Camila on his new FOX talk show, Father Albert this week! Cutié showed off his positively adorable 7-month-old daughter with wife Ruhama Canellis like the proud papa he is during an episode in which he faced both supporters and critics of his decision to leave the Roman Catholic Church for the Episcopal church after a scandal broke over his relationship with Canellis.

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Canellis showed up on stage carrying the baby, who was dressed in a white and pink dress with two small pigtails.  “Baby, we are very proud of you and God bless you,” she told her husband lovingly. 

As he held up his daughter, Cutié looked at the audience.  “This beautiful little gift is a blessing from God,” he said.  “Her name is Camila.”

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Watch the video of Padre Alberto Cutié presenting his daughter below: