Our Favorite Latino Gay TV Couples

A California federal judge's decision to repeal Proposition 8 last week got us thinking about our favorite gay TV couples. Check out our list of a few unforgettables over the years.

1. Gay TV Couples: Sara Ramirez/Jessica Upshaw (Grey's Anatomy)

Sara Ramirez & Jessica Capshaw (Grey’s Anatomy) (2009-Present)

Orthopedic Surgeon, Callie Torres (played by Mexican actress, Sara Ramirez) had a string of bad relationships at Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital—her ex-husband, George O’Malley (T.R. Knight) cheated on her with their colleague, Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl); Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) saw her as a one-night stand, and her first Lesbian relationship, with colleague Erica Hahn, (Brooke Smith) was a complete bust. But then the sweet and loveable Pediatric Surgeon, Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) walked into Callie’s life and they instantly fell in love. Their relationship isn’t perfect—especially since Callie’s dad is a homophobe who encourages his daughter to date men and reject a gay lifestyle—but Callie and Arizona make their relationship work because they love each other. It’s one of TV’s sweetest romances—gay or otherwise.

2. Gay TV Couples: Kevin Alejandro & Nelsan Ellis (True Blood)

Kevin Alejandro & Nelsan Ellis (True Blood) (2010)

Bon Temps’ resident short order cook and drug dealer, Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis), spent the first two seasons of True Blood partaking in unemotional no-strings hookups with various men while working as a gay prostitute. But this season, the show introduced a new character named Jesus Velasquez (played by Mexican actor, Kevin Alejandro)—an caretaker who looks after Ruby Jean Reynolds (Lafayette’s mother, played by Alfre Woodard). Sparks fly immediately between Lafayette and Jesus and their relationship is off to a good start—they’ve shared some of the most passionate kisses in True Blood history.

3. Gay TV Couples: Bobby Cannavale & Eric McCormack (Will & Grace)

Bobby Cannavale & Eric McCormack (Will & Grace)  (2004-2006)

Will Truman (Eric McCormack) always hoped he’d meet a masculine man with a sweet personality, a sensitive side and a mutual love for Bounce Fabric Softener. When he met funny, Bounce-loving police officer, Vince D’Angelo (played by part-Cuban actor, Bobby Cannavale), Will knew he had finally found “the one.” Audiences thought so, too. Vince was such a fan favorite that his role on the show was extended all the way through to the series finale, where we found out that Will and Vince were raising a son. Cannavale even won an Emmy for "Outstanding Guest Star in a Comedy Series" in 2005 for his role on Will & Grace.

4. Gay TV Couples: Kim Cattrall & Sonia Braga (Sex and the City)

Kim Cattrall & Sonia Braga (Sex and the City) (2001)

As the sexually liberated Samantha Jones on HBO’s Sex and the City, Kim Catrall invited a lot of men into her bed, but she had few relationships. One of her most serious relationships was with a woman named Maria (played by Brazilian actress Sonia Braga)—a passionate artist who encourages Samantha to give lesbianism a try.

5. Gay TV Couples: Lisa Vidal & Laure Innes (ER)

Lisa Vidal and Laure Innes (ER) (2001-2004)

When Boricua actress Lisa Vidal joined ER as firefighter Lt. Sandy Lopez—Dr. Kerry Waver’s (Laura Innes) love interest in season eight—Vidal became the first recurring Latina lesbian character in TV history. Sandy was a character who was extremely comfortable with her sexuality and she encouraged Weaver to come out of the closet and to accept herself as a proud gay woman.

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