Our 5 Favorite Moments from 'Lopez Tonight'!

OK, so we're definitely bumming about the fact that George Lopez's late night talk show was canceled. Especiailly because over the two seasons Lopez Tonight was on the air, he really managed to get the best interview we've seen with some of our biggest and brightest stars. Everyone from Pitbull to Cameron Diaz to J.Lo seemed comfortable with the host. He also really got us to think every now and then, never shying away from politics and always unafraid to share his opinions—Lopez was a breath of fresh air in the late night talk show game and he will be missed.

Check out our five favorite moments from Lopez Tonight:

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1. Lopez Tonight: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz visited Lopez Tonight while on her promotional tour for Bad Teacher for her first ever interview. First things first, Lopez asked her what the hell took her so long, then before you know it, she was dishing on buying weed from Snoop Dog at her high school in the LBC (Long Beach, CA) and attending Van Halen concerts in the 1980s. But the highlight of the interview came when Lopez offered Diaz some homecooked Cuban food and she chowed down on a huge Medianoche sandwich from a traditional Tampa Bay, FL restaurant. It's one of the few times we've heard Cam really open up about her background and it was so cute.

2. Lopez Tonight: Pitbull

When Pitbull visited Lopez to promote his latest album Planet Pit, we finally got to the bottom of how the hip hop star really got his name. "Pitbulls are outlawed in Dade county," he dished to Lopez, "So I'm the only Pitbull with papers!" Sure, it was funny, but it's also true! In the uncomonly candid interview, we also learned about Pit's relationship with his father and how they got so close right before Armando Sr. passed away. It was a touching tribute from the rapper and gave us an authentic glimpse into how he became the man he is today: Mr. Worldwide!


3. George Lopez: Bullet Wound/Not a Bullet Wound

Lopez created what just may be our favorite audience participation game ever: "Bullet Wound/ Not a Bulet Wound"! Sure it caused a bit of a controversy the first time he ever aired it, mainly because it points out what no one ever wants to discuss—our hidden predjudices and the way we make snap judgments about people based soley on their appearance. But it also deftly defied those stereotypes by consistently surprising us and making us laugh with each interview. Here's the hysterical Las Vegas edition of the game.

4. Eva Longoria: Pole Dance

We were cracking up when George Lopez got Eva Longoria to jump up on a pole for his fans after promising him she would if the talk show got picked up. You can totally see the look of shock (and horror) on her face when she realizes her good friend is actually going to make her go through with her promise, on national television. Clearly unprepared in a fitted mini-dress, Longoria screams "You're gonna see my hoo-ha!" before good naturedly giving the pole a try, and then making Lopez do his own dance!


5. Lopez Tonight: J.Lo's Monologue

Who in the world knew how funny Jennifer Lopez was? No one! That is until George Lopez gave her a chance to open his show, to the absolutely delight and astonishment of his fans, who could not seem to stop cheering. Lopez had to tell everyone to be quiet before she launched into her genuinely hysterical monologue, which got everyone thinking: Maybe she should have a talk show of her own! Well, now that she has forayed into the TV world with American Idol and there is no longer a single Latino talk show host on the tube, maybe she'll reconsider? She said it herself, "Welcome to Lopez Tonight! Where no one gets fired, they only get replaced by a bigger star star with the same last name."

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