Our 4 Favorite Latino Moments on 'Modern Family'

Thanks to Sofia Vergara on Modern Family, the ABC show is chockfilled with Latino moments. The Colombian actress plays Gloria Delgado-Prichett, whose endearing accent and perfect comedic timing is part of the reason why we’re so into the series.

Enjoy our 4 favorite Latino moments on Modern Family.

1. Modern Family Latino Moment: Slide 1

Watch as an upset Gloria makes up a Colombian custom to get back at her husband for making fun of her culture. It involves yelling and simultaneously slapping uncooked chicken. “You mess with us, and we mess with you,” a smiling Gloria later said into the camera. “That’s the custom.”

2. Modern Family Latino Moment: Slide 2

Gloria has had enough. In this hilarious clip, her family recalls different times she’s mispronounced words. It goes too far and Gloria snaps.

3. Modern Family Latino Moment: Slide 3

In this scene, Gloria introduces grocery store worker Guillermo (played by Boricua actor Lin Manuel Miranda) to her husband, Jay. Gloria tries to convince her husband to give Guillermo business advice.

4. Modern Family Latino Moment: Slide 4

In this clip, Gloria’s panic pulls her back to her native tongue as she screams “Terremoto” when an earthquake starts to shake up her family’s home.