EXCLUSIVE: One Direction Talks Latina Crushes on Set of 'X Factor'!

One Direction performs on X Factor

It was fun on the set of Wednesday night's X Factor and the boys of One Direction made a special appearance and we had a chance to chat with them!

While doing our best to keep it strictly professional, we couldn't help but gush over the roughly smooth British boy bad, who, thanks to the UK version of the X Factor, are now gracing our screens, walls, notebooks, lockers, tumblr, and Twitter newsfeeds.

We chatted with Harry Styles and Liam Payne on everything from their favorite Fifth Harmony song to their favorite Latina celebrity crush. (Who could it be?)

Immediately following our brief British invasion, the boys left to take the X Factor stage for their pre-recorded X Factor performance that aired on Thursday.

Up next, the boys will take part in their very own day, 1D Day, in anticipation of the Monday release of their new album, Midnight Memories. Fans can join the group along with special celebrity guests for the online  event. Then on Sunday, the guys will attend the AMA's, where we'll be covering from the carpet! 

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