EXCLUSIVE: 'Ojo Por Ojo' Star Carmen Villalobos Talks Hit Telenovelas

Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos is no stranger to starring in record-breaking telenovelas. The 28-year-old actress is starring as Nadya Monsalve in the Telemundo series, Ojo Por Ojonow being syndicated on Mun2. Besides starring in the modern-day Romeo and Juliet saga, Carmen is best known for her role in the gritty telenovela about women risking it all to escape poverty, Sin Senos no hay Paraíso. We chatted with the talented star about her roles and what it's like behind-the-scenes of a telenovela set. Dig in below!

Congrats on the success of the series Ojo Por Ojo! What lead you to pursue an acting career in telenovelas?

"I always knew I wanted to act since I was young. I was in a kid show called Club 10 and it was the best experience ever. From there I started to star in telenovelas in Colombia. I feel like I’ve always had the acting bug."

Telenovelas are always packed with drama. What is it like behind-the-scenes?

"We get along behind-the-scenes! It’s not as dramatic as what you see at home. You can catch us hanging out before scenes are filmed so we can make sure to capture our characters in the best way possible. Everyone is very professional."

You played a prostitute in Sin Senos no hay Paraiso. What was it like portraying that role?

"Honestly, the hardest part was realizing that there are young women out there just like these fictional characters. When I first read the script, I was left impressed and shocked by how heavy the storyline was. You are left wondering, how do these women value a pair of boobs and plastic surgery more than a career, family, and education? It’s unreal."

What was the most difficult scene to film?

"The most difficult scene was when three men raped my character. It took four hours to shoot and it was just a tough one mentality. Thankfully the director was very patient and let us have breaks in between."

In an interview you describe yourself as persistent and demanding. Is that a Latina trait?

"Yes, I think so! Colombian women are known as determined and go-getters. We are always fighting for what we want. I think that’s such an admirable quality."

Ojo Por Ojo airs Mondays and Thursdays at 10pm EST on Mun2!