5 Reasons OITNB’s Flaca & Maritza Are #FriendshipGoals

When it comes to celebrity friendships, few can say they're besties both on screen and off. Jackie Cruz and Diane Guerrero, however, take their OITNB roles to new heights.See why Flaca and Maritza are the ultimate #FriendshipGoals!

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1. They’ll always have each other's backs.

No matter what, Flaca and Maritza support one another through thick and thin – which even includes the usual jail drama.


2. They have the same taste.

...And it's pizza, all day.


3. They know how to party.

Who else but your best gal pal will throw it down with you? These two know how to let loose together in the best way.


4. They always forgive each other.

No matter how bad they messed up, Flaca and Maritza always found their way back to one another. #BestieGoals to the max.


5. They love each other – a lot.

When Flaca needed a shoulder to cry on, Maritza gave her one, and more. Now that’s a friend.