7 GIFs to Gear Up for Season 4 of 'OITNB'

Season four of Orange is the New Black has officially been released on Netflix, making it almost impossible to not binge-watch every single episode in one sitting.

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To gear up for Litchfield's latest, click through and share these hilarious GIFs from some of the best OITNB moments ever. 

1. OITNB Gifs Season 4: Selenis Leyva

When Gloria Mendoza (AKA Selenis Leyva) gives you that look, RUN!

2. OITNB Gifs Season 4: Dancing

TFW you realize you have 13 hours of new OITNB!

3. OITNB Gifs Season 4: Flaca

Don't mess with Flaca (AKA Jackie Cruz)

4. OITNB Gifs Season 4: Latinas/kitchen

An accurate depiction of Latinas in the kitchen.

5. OITNB Gifs Season 4: Twerking

Sometimes, Litchfield gets a little rowdy.

6. OITNB Gifs Season 4: Taystee

Leaving work on a Friday ... to go watch season four.

7. OITNB Gifs Season 4: Dascha

Only Daya (AKA Dascha Polanco) can pull off that look.