Non-Breaking News: Mario Lopez Prefers to be Naked

Mario Lopez doesn't like to wear clothes. We can hardly call this news, but it gives us another chance to show you Mario Lopez in his shirtless glory, so here you go. Happy Friday!

Unfortunately, unless you managed to cleverly freeze his full-anterior nude scene on Nip/Tuck, shirtless is about all you'll see of Mario. He recently turned down an offer from Playgirl to pose in all his glory. "It's not something for me at the moment," he explained to E! Online, "But it's ironic, because I'm, like, 'nature boy.' I' m always running around the house in underwear or nothing."

At least we'll have the mental pictures Mario paints for us of doing his household chores sin ropa. "I like to take a bath and watch TV there," the Extra host tells OK! Magazine. "My body is kind of achy sometimes from training. I watch the news or ESPN for 20 or 30 minutes."

Ok, soaking in a tub naked for 20 or 30 minutes is giving us a different, less flattering mental picture. We much prefer the idea of Mario dusting, vacuuming or mowing the lawn naked. Hopefully, he doesn't close his blinds.