No 'Ugly Betty' Emmy for Lindsay Lohan

Not that we thought Emmy voters would want to lavish awards on Lindsay Lohan for her four lines of dialogue on Ugly Betty, but we didn't expect her to reject them before they had a chance to reject her. The tabloid darling took a cue from Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl and chose not to enter the contest for Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, for her role as a mean-spirited dodge ball player who uses Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) as a human shield. Her rep said Lindsay's reasoning was that "the appearance was brief. We decided to wait."

Wait for what? Hell to freeze over? We keed, we keed. This actually makes sense, considering Lindsay appears in six episodes next season, but still, having her up against the other headline-loving Emmy hopefuls, like Britney Spears (How I Met Your Mother) and Mary Kate Olsen (Weeds), it could have been a juicy showdown!