No Latinos on Oprah's New Network—or Anywhere Else on TV

Since the launch of Oprah's OWN cable television channel on January 1st, we've noticed that most of the protégés on Lady O's new network are white, and that while there's plenty that's worth seeing on the channel, there's one thing that's missing: Latinos! 

We make up roughly 14 percent of the U.S. population (and growing fast!) and yet, there isn't room for a single Latino personality to host a program on the new network?

Of course, we shouldn't be surprised. The lack of Latino love on television has become something of a crisis in the last few years, and there are several networks, like Oprah's OWN, that have no Latin stars at all. In the chart above, we used little TV sets to show you how dire the situation has become. Each small TV represents one Latino TV star. You'll notice that ABC is the only network whose number of Latino stars reaches the double digits. 

What do you think: Should Oprah's new network have a Latino presence? Does television do a fair job of representing the number of Latinos in this country? We want to hear from you.