Nina Garcia is In - For Now

Talk about turning lemons to lemonade—fashion editor Nina Garcia has gone from getting the ax from Elle magazine and an uncertain future on Project Runway, to working out a sweet deal for herself between Elle, PR and her new employer, Marie Claire. In a move that's perplexing industry insiders, Elle announced today that Nina will stay on as editor-at-large until Sept. 1—just long enough to get through taping the new season of Project Runway, which is sponsored by the magazine—before jumping to rival publication Marie Claire on Sept. 2. No word on whether Marie Claire or Nina will have a future with the hit reality show after the upcoming season.

Putting to rest any doubts about Nina's value to the show, an Elle spokesperson said, "Nina is admired by a large television audience on Project Runway who tune in to see Nina and her fellow judges decide who's in and who's out. She's made a real contribution to the program's success as a top show."

From no job to three jobs in under two weeks? Nina's really making it work!