Nina Garcia Moves to Marie Claire, Announces Reality Show

Forget Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia is becoming a star in her own right. The Project Runway judge and former editor-at-large for Elle magazine has switched her loyalties to Marie Claire, where she is now fashion director. Marie Claire will also be the new sponsor of Project Runway when the show moves from Bravo to the Lifetime network.

But the career moves don't stop there—the fashionista is set to star in her own reality show called Running in Heels, which will follow Nina and her team in Marie Claire's fashion department as they do their jobs and live their glamorous lives. Advertising Age describes the show, which premieres next March, as a mix of Ugly Betty and the Real World.

Delish! Now we'll finally get to see if Nina lives up to her Project Runway nickname, "Mean-a Gar-zilla"!