Nina Garcia Dishes on Her Career & the Next Season of 'Project Runway'

Nina Garcia recently sat down with

"What it took to be a fashion director five, 10 years ago has completely changed. Today, you need more skill sets, and part of it is having a television persona. It has become so important to have that ability to go on television, on be on Twitter and be the 'face' of a magazine."

The Barranquilla, Colombia born fashionista says that she always had a fascination with fashion, "My mother was a very big inspiration. She loved fashion. I loved art in school, and I was very good at drawing. I could sit at the table forever and just dream up collections and draw."  The one thing Garcia never saw coming was a career in television, "But you know what?" she admits, "Television has been a wonderful experience."

Although she refused to talk about the drama surrounding her hasty exit from Elle, ("That is old and done, thankfully.") Garcia did open up about the difficulty of juggling a demanding day job with filming for the show. Oh, and did we also mention she's an author? She has two books out, The Little Black Book of Style and The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Should Own. "I just work longer hours," says Garcia. "Here's the thing: I love what I do for the magazine, and I love what I do on television. When you do the things that you love, it's not bad. It's about being very organized."

Thankfully for Garcia, Michael Kors and Tim Gunn, this season of Runway returns the cast and crew to New York City. "The move to Los Angeles threw a wrench in all that because it was impossible to coordinate people's schedules—Michael, Tim and I all have jobs in New York," says Garcia. "I really did think it was important to bring the show back here. New York is the center of fashion of America. The quality of judges is better coming out of New York. I'm not discounting the excellent talent and judges in L.A., but New York is really where it's at."