Nicole Richie on Charlie Sheen: ”He Needs to Take Responsibility for His Actions”

Nicole Richie knows a thing or two about overcoming substance abuse issues. On Tuesday morning’s episode of ABC’s The View, the fashion designer and busy mom— who was on as a guest co-host for the day—had some words of wisdom for Charlie Sheen.

"I don't think that he should make it somebody else's responsibility to keep him sober," Richie, 29, said of Sheen's recent phone call to radio host, Dan Patrick, in which Sheen blasted the producers of his hit CBS show,Two & A Half Men for putting the show on hiatus.

"I'm going back to work and I was banging on the stage door like, 'Hello ... Where is everybody?' " said Sheen."I don't know what happened ... I guess they're closed." Production on Two and Half Men has been halted since January 27th.

Richie says she understands why Sheen is so keen on staying busy. “Everybody has their own path. I do understand him saying that working is going to give him something to do,” she said. But Richie says she doesn't understand why Sheen is pointing fingers at others. “That message was a little bit like ‘well you guys better give me something to do,’ she said. “I think its up to him. If he has to go get coffee 50 million times a day — that’s what he needs to do," Richie reasoned. "I don’t think that it should be someone else’s responsibility. He’s an adult and he has to take responsibility for his actions.”

Richie knows what it's like to overcome an addiction. The starlet battled an addiction to heroin, was arrested three times and went to rehab once. In December, the same month she married Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, her probation for a 2006 arrest on DUI charges was terminated early. Her stable relationship with Madden and her children definitely help keep her on the right track, but mostly, it seems like Richie took the decision upon herself to grow up.