Nicholas Gonzalez Discusses “Sleepy Hollow” and Diversity on Television

Nicholas Gonzalez–who was recently honored by the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts for his work as a Latino artist–sat down with to discuss the future of his television show, Sleepy Hollow, and minority representation in the media.

Gonzalez, who plays Detective Luke Morales on the hit Fox series Sleepy Hollow, is hopeful about the future of his character.

“You just hope you keep your head,” the Mexican-American actor told “I’m never told where we’re headed storywise, but I just want to be assured that I don’t die right away.”

Detective Morales certainly has his hands full, juggling the suddenly chaotic town of Sleepy Hollow and his love interest Lieutenant Grace Abbie Mills, played by Nicole Beharie.

“Abbie and I definitely try to rekindle things,” he said of upcoming episodes, “Which is kind of hard when you’re on the brink of total destruction. How do you create a relationship when it’s not the most important topic on the table?”

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