Nany From MTV's 'The Challenge' Talks Strategy & Competition

MTV’s The Challenge series is one of the most competitive, backstabbing, lustful shows on television—and we love it. We’re also rooting for all the Latinos on the show (We’re biased. And what?!). Here, we have the opportunity to talk to Team Las Vegas’s Nany Gonzalez (@NanyMTV). The Cuban and Dominican beauty tells her team is the favorite to win it all, her fight with Knight, and her overall experience on The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.

Team Las Vegas is stacked! It definitely looks like the team to beat on the show.

"I definitely think that Vegas is the biggest threat in the house. We kind of make everyone nervous as far as the whole alliance thing goes. No one wants to step on our toes right now." 

Outside of the obvious what’s the biggest challenge about being on this show?

"I think the biggest challenge of living in that house is dealing with all the people that live there. With these challenges it’s not just seven strangers anymore it’s 32 crazy people. When you’re in a game like that and it comes down to money, people get really grimy."

Speaking of grimy, why did Knight throw your clothes in the pool?

"I didn’t realize what Knight’s motives were until I watched the show. I knew on the show that he was picking on me because he was trying to break me down. I never did anything to Knight so I didn’t know why he would even pick on me other than that Vegas was a strong team. When I saw the episode it was kind of gross." 

Didn’t he kind of succeed in breaking you down?

"Can I say something? I’m pretty sure everyone in that house got drunk and emotional one night and said they wanted to go home. My night just happened to be that night that he and me got into it. It had nothing to do with him breaking me down. At that point I had a lot of stress with the game and alliances. He didn’t break me down because I woke up the next morning and I was fine."

Plus, throwing clothes in a pool is the classic Bad Girls Club move.

"I even said that that night. I’m shocked they didn’t air it. I go, “What are we on Bad Girls Club?” That’s literally the only time I see people throw stuff in the pool." 

How did you get along with your teammates?

"Trishelle and I had the same understanding that we both wanted to play the game and we both wanted to win. Dustin and I have been close since Real World: Vegas. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. I love Leroy to death but he’s not…like you see in the episodes how Dustin calms me down. Leroy makes me madder. As far as the emotional part of the game I wouldn’t have been able to deal with Leroy."

How far does your team make it?

"I will say this, just keep watching because I’ll be there for a while."

Watch The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons on MTV Wednesdays at 10PM ET/PT.