EXCLUSIVE: Nathalie From "Quiero Mis Quinces" on Picking the Perfect Party Dress

Nathalie, Quiero Mis Quinces

The glitz and glamour isn't over yet! A new episode of Quiero Mis Quinces airs tonight on MTV Tr3s, and the festivities are no less than a red carpet event. Quinceañera and aspiring actress Nathalie is planning for the Hollywood party of her dreams. We chatted with the teen about her favorite moments and her advice on picking the perfect quinces dress. Check it out below! 

What was your favorite part of planning your quinces?

"Spending time with my mom and family. I loved picking out the dress. It was all about picking out the awesome stuff and attending just the right details to make my dream party come true."

What was the most dramatic moment for you?

"The most dramatic moment had to be when I first went to pick up my dress. They said it was ready and I was so excited to see it, but when I got there it was a disaster. The dress was pink and I wanted it black. It didn’t have the rhinestones and hello kitty details I wanted. I was so sad. Thankfully it all worked out the day of."

What advice would you give for picking the perfect quinces dress?

"Just go with your heart. Don’t settle and don’t let anyone else tell you what to get. Whatever you envision to be your dress, that’s what you should aim for because at the end you’re not going to be happy. There’s a perfect dress out there for everyone."

Watch our sneak peek of Nathalie's episode of Quiero Mis Quinces below: