5 Best Moments From MTV's TRL

MTV's Total Request Live made a brief return last night, after eight years being off the air, with an election-themed special called Total Registration Live. MTV is trying to rally millennials to show just how important voting is, especially in this election. In honor of TRL's comeback, we rounded up some of the best moments from the show's past: 

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1. TRL Moments: Christina Aguilera Genie in a Bottle

Christina Aguilera

We feel a sense of nostalgia after watching this video of Aguilera singing her heart out in 1999. The girl still has a set of lungs on her that not everyone can compete with. 

2. TRL Moments: Mariah Carey Infamous Meltdown

Mariah Carey

The singer appeared on the show in 2001 and her surprise went down in the history books. Carey made headlines after people speculated that she might have been intoxicated due to her strange behavior. 

3. TRL Moments: Britney Spears Wiping Diddy Sweat

Britney Spears

The singer got a surprise when she saw Diddy running on a treadmill during her interview and instead of being upset, she went up to come and actually wiped the sweat off of his face. 

4. TRL Moments: Destiny's Child Farewell

Destiny's Child 

The coveted girl group bid farewell to the world during a segment of TRL. This was right before the band officially announced they were going their seperate ways. 

5. TRL Moments: Jennifer Lopez Baby I Love U Debut

Jennifer Lopez

The queen of our world appeared on TRL to debut her single "Baby I Love U" and talked about getting to perform at Madison Square Garden for the first time in 2007.