Exclusive: Monica Raymund Talks ‘Chicago Fire,’ Sexy Firefighters, & Being a Sci-Fi Fan

When I’m watching the show, I think to myself, Is there really that many huge fires in Chicago and why is it this firehouse always responding?

(Laughs) The way that it works every firefighter house belongs to a district. So we would respond to a call within anything that falls under our jurisdiction. But for example, there is a huge episode coming up where there’s a train collision and throughout the whole episode the entire firehouse plus other ambulances and firehouses that we called to help. When I talk to the firefighters and paramedics of Chicago they say there is definitely seasons. They see ebbs and flows of accidents that happen. But overall the show is pretty consistent.

The show is full of testosterone. Who’s the hottest firefighter?

Oh man! I think Warren is the hottest paramedic. I really like Jesse (Spencer) he’s pretty hot. If you’re into that kind of thing.

As a Dominican and Jewish woman, what do you think is the strongest similarities between both cultures?

I think the similarities lie in the importance of family and tradition in both cultures. The thing I love the most about being both Dominican and Jewish is that family is always first no matter what God you believe in or what religion you practice. I really appreciate that sense of loyalty to your family and community as well.

Do you refer to yourself as a Jewminican?

I call myself a Jewminican. On record!

You’re a huge sci-fi fan. What are some of your favorites?

Obviously, Ender’s Game; I worship [author] Orson Scott Card. I’m really nervous about the movie and I think it’s going to be terrible. [Editor’s Note: This interview took place before Ender’s Game was released in theatres]. You can quote me on that. George R. R. Martin of course and Game of Thrones. It’s hard for me to watch the series because I love the book.

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