Exclusive: Monica Raymund Talks ‘Chicago Fire,’ Sexy Firefighters, & Being a Sci-Fi Fan

As Chicago Fire’s hardnosed paramedic Gabriela Dawson, actress Monica Raymund doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty—on the street or behind closed doors. During the show’s first two seasons, Dawson was the focal point of a heated love triangle and now she’s having “fun” with an undercover cop. Who says it’s all work and no play? Not Dawson! Here the lovely Dominican and Jewish actress speaks about her fractured friendship with Shay, her trysts in the series and her love of everything sci-fi.

A few episodes ago, you and your paramedic partner, Shay (Lauren German), got into a fight. Will that relationship ever be the same?

We definitely stay in a fight because she goes off the handle and making bad decisions. And she continues to treat me poorly. But essentially we figure out how to come back together again. The Shay/Dawson love is never going away. She’s my best friend.

You were involved in a love triangle last season with Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Mills (Charlie Barnett). This season you’re with Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) the cop. Any new love developments?

I think Mills is done. They had their moment and for Dawson her friendship with Mills is as far as it’s going to go. I don’t think Jay is the love of her life but I think she’s having a fun time with this guy who makes her feel sexy. With Casey, I think there will always be a candle lit for Casey. And we’ll start seeing in a couple of episodes whether or not Casey and Dawson start flirting with the idea of hooking up. There is definitely hope for Dawson. She’ll always be in love with him. But I will say she does find herself in a little of a predicament but not in a love triangle.

What kind of preparation do you do for Chicago Fire?

We did ride alongs in ambulances for a few weeks before we started filming Season 1. We did a bunch of training at the Fire Academy. We went along with the real paramedics and went into simulation labs where we would work on dummies administrated IVs, various operations and medical stuff we do on the show. We work with a paramedic consultant every week.