‘Modern Family’ & ‘Glee’ Make Peace at SAG Awards

ABC’s Modern Family and FOX’s Glee are two of the best comedies on television, which always puts them head to head at awards shows. 

And after losing The Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series to Glee earlier this month, Sofia Vergara and her Modern Family costars got sweet revenge against the singing gleeks at last night's Screen Actor's Guild Awards, when they beat Glee for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series

But has all the competition created a feud between the casts of the two hit shows? According to Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, who plays the bratty teenager Haley Dunphy on the show, the answer is no. “Oh my God,” she told E News when asked about Ed O’Neil’s recent comments that his TV wife, Sofia Vergara deserved to win the Emmy over Jane Lynch earlier this year. "That was totally blown out of proportion! They took words out of his mouth. I promise he didn't say it that way. They just put bits and pieces together it was so stupid."

"They are totally fine," Hyland insisted. "Ed was just like I wish Sofia won because she's funny too. Who doesn't wish that someone from your cast wins over someone else? But everyone deserves the award they are getting."

13-year-old Ariel Winter, who plays Hyland’s know-it-all little sister Alex on the show, admits there is some competition between Glee and Modern family—but says it’s of a friendly nature.

"We'd love to win, but you know I have so many friends on Glee. They're so amazing, they have a great show. If they win I will be equally happy."

So much for that rumored feud! 

Another rumored feud that seems to be over now is between Vergara and her costar Julie Bowen. Last year, Bowen trashed Sofia on the E! late night talk show, Chelsea Lately, but Bowen had nothing but nice things to say about her costar. “What could anyone ever say to Sofia except that she looks phenomenal, always, always, always?!”

And as usual, Sofia's other costar, funnyman Eric Stonestreet, chimed in with some funny words about his sexy costar, Vergara and her very revealing dress. "We got all the lewd comments out of the way…I just can barely not stare at them. Am I looking at them now? It’s a dress for her golden globes," he said.