Mike Catherwood Sent Packing on 'Dancing with the Stars'

On ABC’s Dancing with the Stars results show last night Mike Catherwood (or “Psycho Mike” as he’s known to his listeners on LoveLine with Dr. Drew), became the first season 12 contestant to be sent home.

The 32-year-old mexicano's exit was not a surprise since he and his partner Lacey Schwimmer earned the lowest scores last week when they danced the fox trot.

“I knew going in that I didn’t have the biggest fan base,” Catherwood admitted to Entertainment Weekly after the show. "But if I were to come out here and really be an amazing dancer, I would have gone on! So I’ve got to take that into consideration. I’m not a good dancer with a big fan base. But you try to look at the bright side. I’ve gained a lot of friends, and hopefully I’ve gained a lot of fans.”

Catherwood says he never expected to be great on the dance floor. “I didn’t have a pollyannish view of things, like `I can really improve and things are gonna be great!’ I knew it was going to be a week-to-week struggle if I were to go on," he explained. 

Catherwood, who is rumored to be more than just friends with Schwimmer, had nothing but nice things to say about his partner. "Lacey's a beautiful person on the outside, but she is even more beautiful on the inside," he gushed.

Catherwood, who first caught our attention as a guest host on Live with Regis and Kelly—and is rumored to be a possible replacement for Regis when he retires this fall—told the press backstage that he’ll be returning to the show as a guest host in a couple of weeks. “They were nice enough to invite me back again, but I can't tell you any firm ideas of what's going to happen in my career after this,” he joked of his DWTS experience.

One place he won't be returning is the dance floor. Catherwood said he’s hanging up his dance shoes. "I’ve evolved a reverence for the art of dance that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life," Catherwood said, “but you will not see me on your local dance floor anytime soon.”