Michelle C. Bonilla Tackles Unemployment in New Web Series 'Failing Upwards'

Times are tough. According to the Huffington Post, unemployment numbers are still on the rise. In other words? Americans are still struggling to find work (not a surprise for anyone who has watched the news, talked to friends and family or, well, had contact with the outside world).

Seeing this, Mexican-American writer and actress, Michelle C. Bonilla (along with co-creator and writer Matt Crabtree) created a web series, Failing Upwards, that focuses on unemployment and the (not so) funny situations that arise. “I think the job search is tough for everyone right now. Which is why we wanted to laugh about it," said Bonilla. "Hey, it beats crying!”

Read on to find out more about Bonilla and the series!

Can you tell us a bit about the series?

"Failing Upwards follows a group of four, culturally and socially diverse, thirty-something friends, as they find themselves going through the ups and downs of unemployment. Each of the characters -- inept, in their own special way -- end up surprising themselves, and the audience with their not-so-perfect ability to get the job done."

Where did the idea of the show come from?

"After coming off of creating and writing my short film Slip Away, I knew that I wanted to keep creating content, but wanted it to be a comedy. My friend Matt Crabtree and I decided we would love to cultivate our own series based on the odd jobs we have had to take as actors. However, we decided that we didn’t want our characters and series to be centered on actors and the acting world. So, we made the characters normal, everyday people, with slight (okay, more than slight) quirks and turned it into a comedy."

What do you hope viewers learn from your show?

"We want to provide a respite for working individuals everywhere. We know how difficult it is to get a job and this can really dampen someone’s spirit. It’s our goal to be able to provide some levity to all those job seekers who ‘pound the pavement’ every day, make them laugh, and inspire them to continue on their searches. [We also] devoted a page on our website to helping unemployed people. We have helpful links to agencies, articles, and tips to successful employment."

What do you think Latinos will like about the show or relate to?

"I think Latinos will relate because our series is diverse. Our cast is a true representation of whom and what they see in the world. Latinos have a wicked sense of humor. I love that about our resilience. It’s in our nature."

Can you give us any scoop on the details of an upcoming episode?

"We have great guest actors coming to play with us on season one: Thea Gill (Queer as Folk), Gerald McCullouch (NCIS), and Stephanie Erb (True Blood)."

Do you have any other projects in the works?

"I just finished doing a guest role on a new television series called The Untitled Nick Cannon Sketch Show. It’s a fun little comedy that centers on young performers doing small sketch vignettes. It was a very fun show to do!"

Learn more about Failing Upwards at FailingUpwardstheSeries.com