Mexican TV Host Beaten Up by Look-a-Like Male Prostitute

Whoa: Mexican TV Host Fabian Lavalle was found outside a Mexico City hotel last week partially naked, with his hands and feet bound and his face badly bruised and bleeding. Lavalle, 57, who hosts Galavision's Con Todo, was taken to the hospital and remained there until yesterday, according to the gossip show, La Oreja. Police arrested a male prostitute for the crime, Alfredo Cervantes Landa, who later claimed the dispute arose because Fabian didn't want to pay up after the duo had sex. Alfredo's now facing two to six months in jail.

Now the really creepy part: the 42-year-old attacker looks eerily similar to Fabian—as in, the two could be twins. Only, the hooker is prettier. We don't even want to imagine the kinkiness involved in this one...and really, at age 57, shouldn't Fabian know better than to get mixed up in vainas asi?