Mexican Comedian Al Madrigal Joins 'The Daily Show' as Senior Latino Correspondent

There’s a new guy on the Daily Show and we have to admit, we're shocked it took Jon Stewart this long to hire a "Senior Latino Correspondent"!

Mexican-American stand-up comedian Al Madrigal made his debut Tuesday night, immediately correcting the host, "It’s actually pronounced 'Señior' Jon, but thank you, good to be here,” he joked.

Madrigal spent the segment weighing in on the issues of immigration reform and the DREAM Act. The comedian explained why so many Latino immigrate to the U.S. asking, "Is it entrapment? America the beautiful. Purple mountains Majesty. This place has got it all, “ he said. "Hmmm, what am I going to do? I can get beheaded on this side of the border for driving down a street controlled by some Scarface wannabee or I can go over to the shiny place where big-boobed girls in dolphin shorts serve me hot wings while I play blackjack. Hit me!” Enough said.

Check out Madrigal's debut below:


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