EXCLUSIVE: Mayte Garcia on 'The Chisme Club,' Love, and Belly-Dancing

Actress and dancer, Mayte Garcia is the latest celebrity to get uncensored on The Chisme Club, a new MTV Tr3s series featuring commentary on all of the juicy pop stories we love. The Puerto Rican star, and former wife of pop legend Prince, is no stranger to the gossip game and will be starring on another reality television show, The Ex Wives Club premiering on VH1 June 27th. We spoke to Mayte exclusively about her new projects, divorce, love, belly-dancing, and more. Get the details below:

Congrats on joining The Chisme Club on MTV 3! Can we call you a certified gossiper now?

"We are Latinas, come on we love chisme! I gossip about everything. My mom can come over and I can just look at her and know she has something juicy to tell me because she’ll just have that look on her face (laughs). My response is always like, ‘ok, spill it!’"

Why do you think Latinos are known to be gossip lovers?

"It’s just in our blood! We grew up around having little bochinche sessions. Gossip is just always fun. Whether it’s about celebrities, family, or friends - it’s just what we do! But we do it with love. I wouldn’t say it’s anything malicious at all."

You were married to Prince and also know how it is living your life in the spotlight and having people gossip about you. So this proves you are able to dish it and take it so to speak, no?

"It’s interesting because Prince was always very secretive about his private life. He didn’t really let the media in much on what was going on behind closed doors. It’s never easy reading negative things about yourself, but if they are talking about you good or bad – at least they are talking about you!"

Do you still believe in love?

"I totally believe in love. It's a beautiful thing, but it takes work. But I can tell you I don't want to go through another divorce, that's just not in my plans."

You became a professional belly dancer at the age of eight. How does one accomplish that?

"My mom enrolled me in a belly-dancing class at the YMCA because the art was so popular back then. We grew up as a military family and half the time that’s what she wanted to practice in her free time, so we just did it together. I wanted to be like my mom. It was great bonding experience between the two of us."

You also choreographed Britney Spears’ belly-dancing moves in “I’m a Slave for You.” Do you have any tips for us?

"I’m so proud of that project! I look at the video and can spot my moves right away. Yeah, there are techniques involved, but I think letting go is key. You really have to tap into your sensuality in the dance. It’s more about the attitude than the moves."

The Chisme Club airs Saturdays at 2pm EST on MTV Tr3!