Marisol Nichols Dishes About Her Role On ‘The Gates’ caught up with the beautiful and intelligent Mexican actress Marisol Nichols (Vegas Vacation, 24) to get all the inside scoop on her new ABC drama, The Gates, which premiered Sunday at 9PM). Plus, Marisol tells us why her first movie, Vegas Vacation, will never die.

Talk about your new show, The Gates!
It's about a gated community that from the outside, appears to be too good to be true—but it houses supernatural beings. In the pilot, you find out that my character, Sarah and her family moved to the gated community from Chicago because her husband was part of a questionable shooting that was all over the news. We shot the show in Shreveport, Louisiana and the gated community that you see actually exists. We didn’t build it. There’s this gated community in Louisiana that’s very rich and the lawns look like that. Inside, the houses are also decorated like that. It’s amazing!

Tell us about your character, Sarah Monahan?
Sarah is a very innocent, all-American, bright-eyed woman. She’s a really good wife and mom, but her husband is the one in the relationship who wears the gun.

This character sounds a little different from the kick-ass women you’re known for playing on TV.
She’s completely different from any character I’ve ever played. She wants to be a model housewife. If she could have that and PTA meetings, that would make her happy.

There are so many vampire shows these days, from True Blood to The Vampire Diaries. How is The Gates different?
In True Blood, the vampires are out in the open and everyone knows who they are. In The Gates, the creatures want to live a normal life and be like everybody else. That’s why they move to there.

After 13 years, people are still talking about your work as Audrey Griswold in Vegas Vacation (1997). Do you think that’s the best role you ever played?
Gosh, no. I was really happy to get the role because it was the first movie I ever did in my life and the first time I had ever been on a movie set—so it was fascinating. But there ‘s a movie I did called Felon with Val Kilmer, which to me is my favorite role that I’ve done so far. Vegas Vacation wasn’t that big when it opened, but I run into people everywhere I go who say it’s one of their favorite movies or they grew up on it or whatever. [Laughs] It will never die, and I love that!