Mario Lopez "Would Be Honored" to Dance Again with Karina Smirnoff

Mario Lopez may have driven away Karina Smirnoff with his wandering eye, but one part of him wants his ex back—his feet. "I love dancing and she's the best partner and the best teacher, and I'd be honored if she would dance with me," the former Dancing with the Stars contestant told People at the ESPN Style Studio on Monday. So, does this mean the estranged partners have buried the hatchet? "Oh yeah, everything's all good."

Getting dumped by Miss Smirnoff may have given Mario something to think about over these past couple of months. The one-time lothario has decided to lay low for once. "I'm not looking for Miss Right right now. I'm just sort of working on becoming Mr. Right. Make sure it happens. It's going to happen," he said.

So he isn't dating any 22-year-old bartenders at the moment? "No, unfortunately I haven't had a chance. I've just been working. I'm just dating my Broadway show and my book."

We hope this means Mario is turning over a new leaf, especially since we gave him the benefit of the doubt over Matthew McConaughey in our Battle of the Sleazy Sort-Of Bachelors.