Mario Lopez on the ING NY Marathon: "I was doing Salsa in the Bronx"

Mexican-American actor and television host Mario Lopez stopped by the Rachael Ray show and chatted about the children’s book he wrote for his daughter Gia, what his plans for Thanksgiving are, and how he found Salsa in the Bronx.

The 38 year-old wrote a book called “Mario and Baby Gia” about Lopez and his one year-old daughter. He told Ray, “in the book I wanted all of the characters to be children. I want to encourage kids to use a little of their imagination, flex their creative muscle. Get a little Spanglish going in there too.”

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Lopez said he’ll be in Texas this Thanksgiving to visit his sister for the holiday. “My sister is the Mexican Rachael Ray and so she does this with 4 kids, this amazing dinner.”

Mario also recently ran in the New York City Marathon and said the coolest part about particpating was getting a chance to take in the city, “I don’t really get a chance to get out in Manhattan when I am here. I really got to see New York. I was visiting people and like I said, there were bands and I was doing salsa in the Bronx.” The salsa band in the Bronx was courtesy of an local organization, Latino Sports, that set up a special concert to welcome the runners to the Bronx and encourage them on to the finish line.

Watch the whole conversation tomorrow, Nov. 18 at 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Check your local listings for show times.