Mariah Carey to Have "Pink and Blue Themed" Baby Shower This Weekend

Mariah Carey's manager Louise McNail and her publicist Cindi Berger are the architects behind a lavish baby shower taking place this Sunday at the Beverly Hills Hotel for Mimi's yet-to-be-born twins. In typical Mimi fashion, the baby gift registry for the "pink and blue themed shower," reportedly includes a $2,000 custom-made bedding set for the twins’ crib and a $1,200 giraffe.

It looks like Mariah may be in for a super busy year! With twins on the way, Simon Cowell told Access Hollywood that Mariah is on the short list to join his highly anticipated FOX show, The X-Factor (premiering in the fall). 

"I’ve spoken to her," Cowell said. "I mean literally, we’ve spoken to lots of people."

Other celebs being considered for the high-profile judging slot include George Michael, Nicole Scherzinger, and even his former fellow American Idol judge, Paula Abdul.