Marc Anthony Reveals What Makes Him Cry and What He Wants to Do A LOT More

After guest starring on TNT’s hospital drama Hawthorne last week (and again tomorrow night at 9 p.m. EST), Marc Anthony says he wants to act a lot more in the future. But fear not—that doesn’t mean he’s going to neglect his music. In fact, Anthony is currently touring Latin America in support of his latest album, Iconos—an all-ballad Spanish album where he covers eight titles from his favorite balladeers—and will soon start the U.S. leg of his tour.

On Hawthorne, Anthony plays Nick Renata, a New York City police detective investigating a kidnapping in Richmond, VA. Sparks fly between him and Jada Pinkett Smith’s character—a welcome fling for the hard-working Christina Hawthorne, who is a widowed chief nurse who often neglects her own needs for the sake of others. This is hardly Anthony’s first acting gig; you may recall his turn as shady Mexican businessman Samuel Ramos in Man on Fire, or as Salma Hayek’s love interest in In The Time of the Butterflies, or as Puerto Rican salsa legend Hector Lavoe in El Cantante, opposite his sort-of famous wife, Jennifer.

We caught up with the super talented singer to talk about the future of his acting career:

Were you a fan of medical dramas before this one?
Yeah, and it all started with Grey’s Anatomy which Jennifer and I have watched to no end. We go on tour and TiVo it and have ‘Girls Night.’ Five episodes in a row.

Do you cry?
Hell yeah! Like I said, it’s ‘Girls Night.’ We eat cookies.  

So you basically jumped at the chance to star on this one?
When this opportunity came up, I didn’t even see it as a medical drama thing. I saw it as a Hawthorne thing and the opportunity to tango with Jada and her acting chops. She’s breathtakingly amazing as an actress. Her toolset is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, personally. We’re friends and I stepped into a really fertile situation. She said, ‘Marc, you can do whatever you want, you can adlib, you can mix it up.’

Can you tell us about your role?
I play a bad-ass detective named Nick Renata who doesn’t like too many people and really gives Christina a run for her money. He talks to her about her issues and puts her in her spot. She needs a man like that. [Laughs]

What has been the work that you are most proud of, acting-wise?
Having just seen the episodes, Hawthorne is right up there. But I’ve also been blessed to work with Scorsese and Nicolas Cage, people like that. I would say the most impactful was probably Man on Fire. I really had to dig deep for that one.

What are some of the challenges of working on TV versus film?
The pace of TV is unbelievable to me. You have like ten days to shoot a one-hour movie, basically, so the pace is different. I just jumped right in and it really keeps you on your toes.

Will we see you taking on more acting roles?
Absolutely. I realized something on this one, and it’s that I want to act a lot, a lot more. That time has come.

Will you do more TV?
I don’t know that I’ll be doing more TV unless it’s Hawthorne, to be honest with you. But I don’t know for sure.

Should we petition for them to make you a series regular?
Hmmm…Yeah, let’s see. [Laughs]