Marc Anthony Joins 'Hawthorne'

Grammy-winning artist Marc Anthony is joining the cast of the TNT medical drama, Hawthorne as a series regular when the show returns for a third season in June. 

Anthony, 41, guest starred on two episodes of the show last season as police detective Nick Renata, a straight-laced cop investigating a pair of criminal cases involving the hospital who developed a strong bond with Christina Hawthorne (Jada Pinkett Smith). 

Anthony and Smith had amazing chemistry on the show last season and now that his role is being expanded, it's likely that he'll play Smith's season 3 love interest. 

The salsa singer, who told us last summer that he's a fan of medical dramas like ABC's Grey's Anatomy, explained why he welcomed the opportunity to work on Hawthorne. "When this opportunity came up, I didn’t even see it as a medical drama thing," said Anthony. "I saw it as a Hawthorne thing and the opportunity to tango with Jada and her acting chops. She’s breathtakingly amazing as an actress. We’re friends and I stepped into a really fertile situation. She said, ‘Marc, you can do whatever you want, you can adlib, you can mix it up," he said. 

The salsa singer's return to TV is being announced the same week that his wife Jennifer Lopez is kicking butt in the ratings as a new judge on FOX's American Idol!