EXCLUSIVE: Manny Montana On 'Graceland,' Dating Advice, & His Abuelita

Who is your favorite Latino athlete?

Latino athletes… Aaron Hernandez. I’m a huge fan of his and it’s pissing me off because he… we don’t have a lot of Latino superstars in the NFL and being that I played football my whole life, the way he was a stand out here… the whole scandal around him pissed me off. I thought, ‘You’re f****** it up for the rest of us.’ If I had to say an all-around athlete, it’d be him. I’m really sorry that he’s going through all the drama, but I hope that after due process, it will turn out that he’s innocent. It’s serious. I hope it’s all a misunderstanding because he’s a great athlete and an inspiration to a lot of kids, especially me.

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