EXCLUSIVE: Manny Montana On 'Graceland,' Dating Advice, & His Abuelita

You play an agent on Graceland who is basically undercover. Curious to know if you're able to hide anything from your own family?

That’s a funny question! [Laughs] No, my family and I are actually really open with each other. We’re typical Latinos; we all live within walking distance of each other. I’m always at my grandma’s house, eating lunch or dinner. I was never able to go undercover with them.

Does your grandma watch Graceland?

She doesn’t really… it’s on way too late! When my grandfather was alive, though, they thought my roles were real. There was this one show where I did a quick sex scene – my grandma got mad for that – or when I die on a show, they get mad at me for that too [Laughs]. My grandma is the typical Latina – who has all the older ladies come to her house. It’s like a henhouse. They give her a hard time whenever I have a show like that, they embarrass her. I just think its cute. She didn’t talk to me for three days for that sex scene.

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