The Love Test: 'Ready For Love' Bachelors Answer Our Burning Questions!

What is your relationship deal-breaker?

Lopez: Disloyalty would be a deal-breaker, because I travel a lot and want to know that I can count on someone. And if she farts in her sleep—deal-breaker!

Patton: She has to be loyal. She has to defend me from attack, saying, “Back off, that’s my man.”

Arguello: Disloyalty and dishonesty are total deal-breakers for me.

What advice would you give a friend about dating a Latina?

Lopez: Make the girl happy and you’re gold; piss her off, then God help you.

Patton: If you ever get into a fight with her, be prepared for World War III. On the other hand, the love and the passion are equally earth shaking. It’s great!

Arguello: Be yourself. Whatever act you’re putting on, you can’t do that forever. Just be yourself and you’ll learn what works.