WATCH: Louis C.K Delivers Big Laughs On SNL

We give Louis CK props. Taking over the SNL stage after Hurricane Sandy devastated the tri-state area was no easy task, but the award-winning comedian proved that the show must go on.

According to Deadline, this past Saturday’s episode premiered to decent ratings, matching the show’s second-highest rated episode of the season. Ratings may not have been stellar, but that was largely due to the limited viewership in New York.

The Louie star’s signature awkwardness and tone worked in his favor for his first SNL hosting gig. His stand-up comedy skills proved that he's no rookie when it comes to dominating the mic.

During his monologue, he poked fun at New Yorker’s electricity consumption after scattered power outages. “Today they turned the power back on which is great because we can go back to using way too much electricity, like insane amounts of electricity," he joked during his performance.

We also loved the old lady in his monologue who was ‘sucking space into her body’ while he was in the airport. She will never be forgotten (along with her gypsy finger).

Besides the political spoofs, one of our favorite skits was a Lincoln-based parody of Louis’ FX series.

In case you missed it, watch his monologue and more below. Were you amused?