EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Vidal Reveals What It's Like For Kara to Finally Have a Boy Toy on 'Being Mary Jane'

Lisa Vidal Being Mary Jane

Lisa Vidal’s character on Being Mary Jane is getting her inner sexual goddess awoken by none other than Nicholas Gonzalez, who plays Orlando Lagos, a young athlete who she may or may not be falling for. We spoke to the actress all about this new flame and she dropped some serious knowledge to all of the youngers guys out there who are looking to date older women.

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What's it like for you to see your character, Kara, have a new younger boo on the show?

I love it! We women are complicated. We have all kind of habits going on.  We have all kinds of stuff happening. I think it’s kind of cool because now women are opening themselves up to being with younger guys. I think it's fun they are going there with Kara. It’s going to bring up a lot of stuff for her, about herself, about relationships and what she wants. Falling in love and what does that mean to her because she’s so work focused.

What's the chemistry like between you and Nicholas?

Our chemistry is fabulous because Nicholas has been my friend for 15 years. We get to hop around in bed together. It’s kind of funny actually.  He’s a great guy. He's cute, he's sexy, he’s fun. He has a great sense of humor. He's really smart. We just click. We have been friends for so long so it’s easy to fall into it.

Do you have any funny stories from having to film those steamy sex scenes with him?

Oh yes! We have many funny stories. There was one scene where Nicholas had to wear a G-string.  We did this scene and it was hilarious because his ass had to be right in front of the camera. He was apologizing to the crew because they had to stare at his ass with a G-string the whole time. [Laughs] It was hysterical! We did a lot of scenes where we had to fall off the bed. At one point my knee landed in his crotch and he almost cried like a baby. It gets very tangled in those scenes. We had fun. It’s really good when you have someone you really like and you trust to have those scenes with.

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