Lindsay Lohan and America Ferrera "Really Hit it Off"

Lindsay Lohan is getting more than a paycheck for her guest-starring role on Ugly Betty—looks like she's trying to score herself a new gal pal, too. According to, Lindsay began filming her part on the hit show this week, and "Lindsay and América Ferrera really hit it off!"

OMG, WWAS! (*Translation: Oh my God, what would Amanda say!)

Now, we're all for supporting Lindsay in her, ahem, sobriety, but we can't have this hell-raising troublemaker hanging around our sweet, grounded girl. What's next, Betty Suarez partying at Teddy's with Samantha Ronson and Brandon Davis, sipping "bottled water" and posing for paparazzi? Keep your distance, m'ija, that's all we're sayin'...