Life After 'Ugly Betty'

Do you miss the Suarez family? So do we! Which is why caught up with the stars of Ugly Betty to find out what they’ve been up to since the show's series finale.

1. Life After 'Ugly Betty': Tony Plana

Tony Plana (Ignacio Suarez)

“I just did a movie with Edward James Olmos in Puerto Rico called, America and an indie called The Miracle of Spanish Harlem. I also shot a couple of episodes of USA Network’s Royal Pains, and I’m doing a wonderful play in Chicago called The Sins of Sister Juana, which opens on June 28th and runs until the end of July. Next, I’d like to do some theater in Spanish, and I’d like to do an Ugly Betty movie. There would be a lot of interest in it. It would be like Sex and the City!”

2. Life After 'Ugly Betty': Mark Indelicato

Mark Indelicato (Justin Suarez)

“I finished school for the summer, and I’ve been interning at Teen Vogue, which has been really fun. I also just finished doing the play, Oliver at the Pittsburgh CLO Theater. I played the Artful Dodger and that was so much fun! I’m kind of taking my summer off a little bit because I haven’t had that much time to relax, so I’m taking advantage of it now.”

3. Life After 'Ugly Betty': Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez (Bobby Talercio)

"I'll be returning to CSI: Miami to continue Eric Delko's journey and to begin a new one as a writer and a director.  I'll have the opportunity to write one episode of Miami and direct one as well.  These are hats that I've always wanted to wear and I'm really excited about the challenge.  While I'm waiting for season 9 to start, I'm taking advantage of the time to go play on the USA show, Psych with James Roday and Dule Hill, which should be a lot fun!"

4. Life After 'Ugly Betty': Ana Ortiz

Ana Ortiz (Hilda Suarez)

"I did a video with two really incredible guys—Enrique Iglesias, and Juan Luis Guerra. Adam Rodriguez called me up and was like, ‘Listen, my friend is directing the music video and they want you to be in it.’ That’s Adam—he’s the coolest, sweetest guy and he’s good at connecting people. They were shooting in New York, and that was great, but I did ask if I was going to have to wear a bikini [Laughs]. It’s a beautiful song, and Juan Luis Guerra is an iconic Dominican singer! Other than that, I just wrapped a movie with Martin Lawrence in Atlanta. It’s another installment in the Big Momma franchise."

5. Life After 'Ugly Betty': America Ferrera

America Ferrera (Betty Suarez)

“I just want to stay open to what's next and don’t really feel that I need to rush into anything.  I’m just excited about the unknown. It’s a new decade, new everything, and it feels like a natural cycle. OK, new chapter. Let’s do it!"

You can also catch Ferrera voicing the character of Astrid in How To Train Your Dragon and starring in her fiancé Ryan Piers Williams's feature film debut, The Dry Land, as the wife of an Iraq war vet who is struggling to reacclimate to normal society.

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