‘Lie to Me’ Star, Monica Raymund: ‘A Lot of People Think I’m Gay.’

In honor of the return of FOX’s Lie to Me next week (June 7th at 8PM) we asked Dominican actress Monica Raymund—who stars on the show as deception expert Ria Torres—to tell us the biggest lie she’s ever read about herself in the press: "I read that a lot of people think I’m gay," Monica said. "I don’t care. My boyfriend and I are not really phased by what people say." Read on to find out what's ahead on the second season of Lie to Me. Plus Monica's surefire way to tell if someone is lying to you.

Tell us about your character Ria Torres on Lie to Me?
My character is a human lie detector. She’s not educated in the science, but she’s one of the rare ones who are able to detect lying naturally. She’s sort of tough, but also a little vulnerable.

In what ways are you similar to Ria?
I’m an OK judge of character. I can tell if people are lying sometimes. I also feel like she and I are similar in that we’re both strong people and we understand what we have to do to get what we want.

Your show was on the verge of being cancelled last month. Why do you think it survived to see a third season in the fall of 2010?
Lie to Me is one of the smartest shows on TV. We have something different, unique and new to say to the audience that they’re not going to get from any other show. This is a show that’s based and rooted in a science that really exists. And it’s a new science—something that not a lot of people know about. We provide an incredible amount of entertainment.

Has being on the show made you more aware of when someone is lying to you?
Sometimes. I learn a little bit on the show and I’m able to catch certain gestures and little expressions. It’s pretty handy if I catch my boyfriend in a lie. [Laughs]

What kinds of things do people do when they lie?
Shakes of the head, whether it’s no or yes—while they’re saying something—that’s an unconscious move.

Tell us how someone can tell if their boyfriend is lying to them?
Ask for a series of events that happened and then ask him to explain it backwards. It is harder for a liar to be able to do that. That’s something I learned on the show.