15 Lessons from 'Modern Family' Character Gloria Pritchett

Modern Family is returing for its sixth season on September 24, and we can't wait to catch up with the Pritchetts, Tucker-Prtichetts and Dunphys. After binge watching the series this summer, we picked out our favorite moments from the sassy and flawless Gloria Pritchett (played by none other than Sofia Vergara) to share all the life lessons we all can learn from her:

1. Don't Be Afraid To Share Your Excitement, Especially When You're Right

Gloria is extremely passionate and is never shy in sharing her winning moments, especially when it benefits those she loves. Remember when she flipped Jay's Valentine's Day plans to surprise him instead?

2. Never Underestimate Yourself

Gloria is knowledgeable when it comes to her assets, and she knows she's a smart cookie so she never underestimates herself. Confidence is key, chicas!

3. The #1 Rule When Driving

Got to love that she lives by her own set of rules!

4. Know How To Manage Any Issues You Have With Others

She's got it! It is very important to vent and let out anything that is bothering you.

5. Be Comfortable Asking Questions

Gloria never shies away from asking about anything she's unsure about.

6. Find Your Gay Bestie

Cameron and Gloria have some many wonderful moments together. Remember the tango dance they did in the kitchen?

7. Never Let Anyone Criticize You (or Your Home)

Gloria doesn't care who they are, no one is ever allowed to disrespect her, her family or her home.

8. Play the Latino Card

Whenever you need to explain strong emotions, play the Latino card — simple and to the point.

9. Know Your Roots

Remember to teach the young ones about their background and history, both as Latinos and humans. 

10. When Technology Fails You, Talk To It

We can all relate to technology problems, and if you're unsure of how to adress them, you can certainly take a cue from Gloria.

11. Use Anyone Around You To Make Your Point

Whenever you need to explain something, feel free to use those around you as examples.

12. Say It With Your Face

Facial expressions are everything! Enough said.

13. It's Not You, It's Them

If someone can't understand what you are saying or doing, it's their problem. Right, Gloria?

14. Remember Where You Came From

Never forget where you came from. Ever.

15. Know the Cardinal Family Rule

Sure she's borrowing a saying, but it's a good one!