'Power' Star Lela Loren Talks Mixed-Race Relationships & Her Favorite Character

'Power' Leading Lady, Lela Loren On Mixed-Race Relationships, Reveals Her Favorite Character
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Lela Loren may play Nuyorican city girl AUSA Angela Valdez on Power flawlessly, but the Southern California native’s suburban upbringing couldn’t have been more different. Those of the chops of an enigmatic star in the making!

We spoke with the talented leading lady of STARZ’s insanely addictive summer smash about head over heels big love, growing up as a prep school nerd, and the subconscious “accent switch” we all do when going from the boardroom to the barrio. Plus, you won’t want to miss her foolproof way to ignore your ex for good. Before diving into Power’s explosive new season on July 17, fall in big love with Lela in her chat with us below.

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I’m born and raised in Queens, and you guys completely kill what it’s like to grow up in South Jamaica! 

Oh my god, thank you! Because I’m from Sacramento, and I have no idea what growing up in a city is like.

You totally nailed it. One of the reasons fans can’t get enough of Power is the tragic love story. In an interview you said that Jamie (played by Latina’s resident papasito, Omari Hardwick) and Angie’s love is like “love in big caps.” What inspires that kind of love on screen?

I think I brought more life experience — the first time that you fell flat on your face in love. It changes you when you get to the other side of it, but you remember who you were in that moment of time, when it kind of just breaks you wide open. There is something very epic about it. I had fallen in love once with someone, and I remember it being so distinct, where after the first time they’d hug me I never wanted another man to ever touch me ever again. I wanted Jamie to have that power of Angela. From the moment he touched her, she was almost under his spell.

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