The 20 Best Latino TV Hosts!

October 23rd marks TV Talk Show Host Day! This holiday is celebrated on the birthday of legendary nighttime talk show host Johnny Carson, who is considered the "King of Late Night Television." But although it was initially created with Carson in mind, TV Talk Show Host Day gives appreciation to all TV show hosts.

In honor of this special day, we are counting down some of the best Latino TV hosts!

1. TV Hosts: Cristina Saralegui

Cristina Saralegui

Why we love her: The Cuban American host premiered her Miami-based Spanish-language show, El Show de Cristina, on Univision in 1989! Although her show went off the air in 2010, Cristina a ton of prominent Latinos including Shakira, Ricky Martin and Selena Quintanilla.

Watch Cristina's interview with Selena below:

2. TV Hosts: Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon

Why we love her: For several years, Adrienne briefly co-hosted shows like BET's 106 & Park. But this summer the 29-year-old star really showed off her hosting skills when landing one of five host spots on daytime TV show, The Real.

Watch a clip below:

3. TV Host: Ana Maria Canseco

Ana Maria Canseco

Why we love her: The bilingual Mexican TV personality, who was one of the original co-hosts of Despierta America, became a host on Un Nuevo Dia in September. She was one of nine women to be honored with a Women of Hope City of Hope award, which recognizes U.S. Hispanic women whom are role models.

Watch her first day on Un Nuevo Dia below:

4. TV Hosts: Julissa Bermudez

Julissa Bermudez

Why we love her: The 30-year-old Dominicana's first gig as a host was on mun2's The Roof in 2003. Since then she's held various co-hosting jobs, but has never given up her dream of being the Latina Tyra Banks.

Watch her on The Roof below:

5. TV Hosts: Nancy Alvarez

Nancy Alvarez

Why we love her: The Dominican TV host, who is best known for her show ¿Quién Tiene La Razón?, also happens to be a psychologist. Although she was replaced by Carmen Jara in 2012, Nancy kept us very entertain with her take on guests relationship and personal issues.

Watch her in action below:

6. Rocsi Diaz

Rocsi Diaz

Why we love her: There's no doubt about it: Rocsi is foxy! The half-Honduran, half-Ecuadorian star is shining bright as Entertainment Tonight's new host! She was formerly on BET’s hit music countdown show, 106 & Park, where she interviewed everyone from Madonna to the President himself - Barack Obama. She was also one of the first journalists to interview Chris Brown following the singer’s altercation with Rihanna. And as if that weren't enough, Rocsi is our newest celebrity blogger. Stay tuned for more of that soon!

7. Kristina Guerrero

Kristina Guerrero

Why we love her: Becoming the first Latina host of E! News was a big deal for Kristina Guerrero, a proud Mexicana who grew up in Sunnyside, Washington (population 15,000). "It’s so amazing to me! I always set out to host in Hollywood," Kristina told back in 2009. "And to be the first Latina to bring a little bit of flavor to the show. I’m thrilled that it’s me!" It was a big deal for us, too! Seeing a talented Latina like Kristina getting exclusive interviews with Hollywood A-listers like Steve Carell and Selena Gomez makes us incredibly proud! 

8. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez

Why we love himMario Lopez has hosted just about every type of show on television—including dog shows! And while we love the charismatic and funny Mexican-American as the current host of the news magazine show, Extra. Of course, he's also the latest co-host on Fox's hit show X Factor.

9. Charityn

Charytin Goyco

Why we love her: The Dominican host of Escándalo TV is loud, dramatic, sexy and hilarious! She also loves the bochincheChristina Saralegui might be the Latina Oprah, but Charytin Goyco is the Latina Rachel Ray and the Latina Wendy Williams. Plus, we love that Charytin gets up and dances on her show for no reason. Who else on TV throws such a great party at lunch time? Nadie

10. Gisele Blondet

Gisele Blondet

Why we love her: The Puerto Rican Blondet is currently the host of Univision’s hit show, Nuestra Belleza Latina (AKA the Spanish language version of America’s Next Top Model). Not only is she a great host (she’s the picture of confidence and at the same time she demands respect), but she’s also as poised, stunning, and effortlessly sexy as the show’s beautiful contestants. We’re not the only ones who think Gisele is an amazing host—the audience thinks so, too. Last year’s season finale drew a whopping 4.9 million total viewers!

11. Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera

Why we love him: The Puerto Rican and Spanish journalist is the host of the Fox News show, Geraldo at Large. Geraldo is opinionated, passionate, smart and fearless. When he sees unfairness in the media, he does his best to balance coverage, just as he did during this interview with Bill O'Reilly

12. Mike Catherwood

Mike Catherwood

Why we love him: Best known as the co-host of the national call-in radio show Loveline (with physician/host Dr. Drew Pinsky), Mike Catherwood (AKA "Psycho Mike") is charming, adorable and full of quick wit. On January 28, 2011, the Mexican Catherwood showed the world he's got the goods as a host when he filled in for Regis Philbin on Live! With Regis and Kelly. He also showed the world that he looks really good in a shirt and tie! Yum!

13. Daisy Fuentes

Daisy Fuentes

Why we love her: Daisy made history in the 90s when she became the first-ever Latina MTV VJ! At the time, the Cuban-American beauty was signed to both MTV U.S. and MTV Latin America and she went on to host several MTV shows including, House of Style (1997-1998), MTV’s Top 20 Video Countdown (1996), The Alma Awards (1999) and The Miss USA Pageant (2003). The fact that Daisy was one of the most popular hosts on MTV shouldn't surprise anyone—after all, she was so relatable in front of the camera that you felt like you were watching a show hosted by one of your close friends. 

14. Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos

Why we love him: The Mexican-born anchor for Noticiero Univision is a well-respected journalist with eight Emmys under his belt. But what we love most about Jorge is that he not only has great intellect and compassion, but also a great sense of humor. Check him out in the video below joking with President Obama about blackberry's and computers. 

15. George Lopez

George Lopez

Why we love him: We love George for many different reasons, but we have to say that when he dressed Sandra Bullock up as a chola on his former late-night show, Lopez Tonight—that was one of his most hilarious moments! 

16. Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia

Why we love him: From 2005-2008, the Honduran comedian hosted his own Comedy Central show, Mind of Mencia. Like Dave Chappele's show, Chappelle's Show, Mind of Mencia mixed stand up comedy with sketch comedy. Mencia's brand of comedy was often irreverent. For instance, he often made fun of lazy people who were overweight (as in the video below). 

17. Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales

Why we love her: The half-Brazilian, half-Puerto Rican Today Show news anchor connects with any audience instantly thanks to her warm personality and infectious smile. Brainy and beautiful, Natalie never ceases to amaze us!

18. Soledad O'Brien

Soledad O'Brien

Why we love her: The Harvard alum (and proud Afro-Cuban), hosted the CNN documentary Latino in America, which explored how Latinos are reshaping our communities and culture and how immigrants are discovering what it means to be American. O'Brien also hosted Black in America, a series about the various issues facing the black community and a look at the culture of black families in America. With both of these documentaries, Soledad did what she does best: she gave a voice to the voiceless. She's now the host of CNN's Starting Point.

19. Maria Celeste

Maria Celeste Arrarás

Why we love her: The host and producer of the Spanish-language news program, Al Rojo Vivo Con Maria Celeste, the Puerto Rican journalist was the first Telemundo hostess to co-host The Today Show on NBC in 2006, and she would later return to co-host the show in 2009. 

20. Susie Castillo

Susie Castillo

Why we love her: Half-Dominican, and half-Puerto Rican, this former Miss USA was a VJ and a host on MTV's Total Request Live. Castillo, whose smile lights up our day, hosted several other shows as well, including School Pride—an NBC reality series that chronicled the efforts of a few celebs to renovate public schools. What we love most about Susie—aside from her beautiful smile and great personality—is that she has a big heart and she's always looking for new ways to help others.