Latino TiVo-lution

Latinos are no longer limited to playing “the help” on TV. To ensure our continued growth, here are five shows we’re pitching to the networks featuring our favorite Latin stars.

Drama, CW11
Starring Alexis Bledel, Camilla Belle

Brazilian Camilla Belle and Argentinean Alexis Bledel star as sisters separated at birth who train as ballerinas at the same elite dance school in New York City. Belle plays Olivia, a rich, haughty ballerina who has the best technique at her school, while Bledel is Abigail, a naive and reverent girl from the wrong side of the tracks. But when Olivia’s poor, illegitimate little sis starts getting better and moves in on her crush, it means war!

Good Cop, Bad Cop
Comedy, ABC
Starring John Leguizamo, Aziz Ansari

When his partner of 20 years is murdered on the job, veteran police officer Chi-Chi Valdes (Leguizamo), a loud-mouthed, slightly crazy boricua, is paired up with an Indian rookie cop named Ben Patel (Ansari). The two officers have less in common than Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Will they be able to fight crime or will they just fight each other? One thing’s for sure: Get ready to split your sides!

Like a Virgin
Reality show, Bravo
Starring Lourdes Leon, Madonna, Carlos Leon, Jesus Luz

Leon’s own reality show will chronicle her attempts to become a respected actress as a student at Manhattan’s Professional Children’s School (where she currently attends). But life isn’t easy when there’s constant hateration from teachers, catty girls and naughty boys who only want to date Madonna’s little girl. The million-dollar question: Can Leon step out of her mother’s (and her mother’s lovers’) shadow?

Father Cutié
Drama, Lifetime
Starring Eduardo Verástegui, Paz Vega

Forgive me father, for I have shagged! The Padre Alberto Cutié scandal—one of the biggest stories of 2009—deserves its own TV show. Enter Mexican actor Eduardo Verástegui as the infamous handsome-devil-of-a-priest whose life spirals out of control when he leaves the Catholic church for the woman he loves (Vega). It’s the perfect project for 35-year-old Verástegui, a celibate, devout Roman Catholic—if only for the irony of it all.

TV movie, HBO
Starring Mario Lopez, Amy Adams

Nobody in the history of television pulls off a fitted suit like I Love Lucy’s Desi Arnaz—except for maybe Extra! host Lopez. The dramedy would chronicle the life and times of Arnaz from his early years in Cuba to his glory days in Hollywood, along with the ups and downs of his marriage to Lucille Ball, played by zany redhead Adams. Just picture Lopez, showing off those signature dimples and yelling, “Lucy, I’m hooome!”

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