Latino Sextuplets to Take New York!

Victor and Digna Carpio are not your run of the mill Latino family. The Queens-based couple had sextuplets about two years ago (Yup, six kids! At the same time! And naturally!) and make it work on the very modest $1,800 a month Victor earns at his maintenance job. Oh, and the couple also have a nine-year old son, too!

Victor and Digna had the sextuplets 22 months ago. There are four boys and two girls—Joel, Justin, Jezreel, Jayden, Genesis and Danelia—and now the family is going to be featured on a new TLC show called Sextuplets Take New York! (A reminder of the network’s last hit show featuring another set of sextuplets and their siblings—John and Kate plus 8.)

Senior VP of production and development Nancy Daniels said, "We fell in love with [the Carpios]. All of our shows look at interesting families and interesting lives. They're struggling with taking care of a lot of small children who are all the same age and overrunning their house."

Their new TLC show will focus on how the family manages to raise seven kids on a budget and also how to stay healthy and active. America's first Latino sextuplets will hit the airwaves September 14.